Bet method

bet method

BET is one of the few methods available for surface area measurement and has the advantage of being able to give a measure of porosity. Types II, IV and VI can be measured by BET method. (interaction adsorptiv- adsorbent > adsorptiv-adsorbate). Types III, V have weak interactions between gas. Abstract. The theoretical background of the adsorption isotherm equation of Brunauer, Emmett and Teller is reviewed, together with the experimental techniques. Measure the volume adsorbed, V a. Kondensation würde das Messergebnis verfälschen, findet aber nicht statt, solange der Sättigungsdampfdruck nicht erreicht wird. By BET Brunauer, Emmett and Teller kino casino leipzig specific surface area of a sample is measured — including the pore size distribution. In bestimmten Druckbereichen oft im Relativdruckbereich 0,05 bis 0,3, der deshalb z. Measuring surface area and porosity of powders is difficult. Make and model of equipment used Pretreatment and outgassing conditions. Georg Thieme Verlag,ISBNS.


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